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Hello Newgrounds!

I'm Iori Licea... obviously XD

As you can see, I'm not being too active on this site. Why? Well, here comes the explanation:


I spend my time reviewing Twitter and other shits. I met great people, even my girlfriend. And then, I'm too in touch with them and I distanced myself a bit from my other social networks like SoundCloud, DeviantArt and YouTube.


I think now I became a cartoonist ... something like that. I spend it drawing 24/7 all the time. I can say that I have improved a lot. Although that has affected me in my career as a music producer.

Family and another personal things

As you know, I am 18 years old now, and that has implicated me in various responsibilities and other things. I have a part-time job, I take care of my niece while my sister studies high school and my younger brother in high school.

I almost do not have time for myself ... the point is that now we are alone. We distanced ourselves from our father ... Sad, right?

Meh, that's the way things are ...


For now I work on some other project from some friends. For example, I am creating the original music for an animated mini-series.

Little by little I am reaching one of my dreams...

My School Life

There's not much to say... I do not study anymore...

Geometry Dash

I'm creating some levels for the game... before my final retirement...


I try to improve the production of my music. I am improvising on many things at FL Studio, the DAW I use for digital music production and composition.

So, there will be more music, you may participate in one or another event organized in Newgrounds.

But... don't worry...

I try to do everything possible to be more active in all my networks, including Newgrounds.

Only if they accept what I do now, now I am a musician and a cartoonist.

Well, it's all

Thanks for reading!

Check now "End Of The Friendship" available on YouTube and Newgrounds

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