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Projects February (Updated)

2017-02-09 21:07:18 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

Currently I have some pending projects!

Well, I'll let you know.

COLLAB SONG [Confirmed]

I will make a collab song with @BarbozaSounds12

Coming soon... (We have not yet decided on which profile to upload)

GEOMETRY DASH 2.1 COLLAB LEVEL [Work in progress...]

I making a level with MineGamer 514.

Coming soon... (We have not yet decided who will verify)

ANIMATED VIDEO [Not confirmed]

I learning about animation, and I want make a video.

I need learn more... Don't worry!


The creator (Love Cartoons) she asked me to make the Original Soundtrack.

And I finish some tracks for this!

The series is coming on this Summer! I guess!

MY BLOGSPOT RETURN [Work in progress...]

I working for my blog!

Check the progress...

LOVE SONG! [Confirmed]

I making a song and I submit this February 14th!


Ok, it's done!

Thanks for reading!


- Iori Licea

Hi, guys!

For the recent "Drama" on Newgrounds, I'm impacted, but is not the problem!

Read more here:

Well, I check my all track submitted here and I create a list of track allowed for use on the game "Geometry Dash"

I will try allow every track for the use!

From February 5th, all song is allowed for Geometry Dash!

More info, send me a PM.


Thanks for reading!


- Iori Licea

Projects January/February 2017

2017-01-25 11:46:11 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

I just say you my future projects!

Well, let's go!

SONG COLLAB! [in progress...]

I will make a song with @BarbozaSounds12


The series is coming!

The name of series is "Familia Maguz: Buscando Secretos"

LOVE SONG! [not confirmed]

The Valentine's Day is coming, I will try make a special song!


GEOMETRY DASH 2.1 LEVEL [in progress...]

I trying complete and verify my next level with the 2.1 update!

Is so complicate!

BLOGSPOT [in progress...]

I trying complete my blogspot and release to online...


I open the Art Commissions here:

Well, this all!

Thanks for reading!


- Iori Licea

Hi, guys!


How you see, I maked a Geometry Dash Icon for my Newgrounds Icon...

I used Photoshop CS6 and Office PowerPoint 2013 to make!

NEW #2


Yeah, and I will make something, you can decide on Twitter:

NEW #3

I redesign my original characters, you can view this here:

NEW #4

The time is short now for the series, but I continue working on the Original Soundtrack.

I maked 15 tracks to now!

NEW #5

I will participate on the Newgrounds Pixel Day with a Pixel Art and a Chiptune Song... Coming soon! ;)

NEW #6

I continue work on my blog! Man, is harder!

I introducing the English Translation...

NEW #7

I back to the school! :(

For this, I don't have much time for the commissions. Sorry!

NEW #8

Coming soon I celebrate 1 year of making fun for everyone! 1 year with me, Iori Licea!

Well, this all!


Thanks for reading!

- Iori Licea


Hi, guys!



While we waiting the 2.1 version, you can play my levels. Are amazing, I'm a future creator! ^w^

Add me: iorilicea


NEW #2

I'm working harder to programming my old blogspot.

Check here:


NEW #3

I'm working more for the Soundtrack commission!

I give you more info soon...






NEW #4

I learning apply shadows on MediBang! Check an example...



Well, It's all!

See you later!


Good bye!


- Iori Licea

Hi, guys!


Well, I will making few songs for a series on Amino. This is commissioned by Love Cartoons.

Coming soon I give you more info for this project.

- NEW 2

I will go to my chiropodist for my foot problem! I'm not good now! :(

- NEW 3

Coming soon I make a track for the Christmas, I guess

- NEW 4

I'm adapted to FL Studio, I mean I not make more songs on Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Ableton Live and Music Maker 2016.


It's done!



- Iori Licea


2016-11-25 15:54:50 by iorilicea

KILL ME! KILL ME! Ok no. ^w^

We are 100 followers on SoundCloud.

Seriously, thanks for your all support!

Thanks everyone!

I'm a beginner artist.

2016-11-15 22:44:59 by iorilicea

Well, I making some draws here.

Or, If you prefer, check my DeviantArt

I'm a supporter! Yay!

2016-11-01 16:33:38 by iorilicea

I'm a supporter!


Well, whatever!

Follow my brother!

2016-10-17 21:02:10 by iorilicea

Follow my brother Marco!

He is a gamer!

Check out: