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New EP coming soon...

2017-05-13 17:24:25 by iorilicea

This June 12th...

Together - EP -


Featuring 3 new tracks

01 - Together

02 - End Of The Time

03 - Alone Girl

Preview coming soon on SoundCloud and YouTube!

Thanks for reading!


- Iori Licea

My family on Newgrounds and GD

2017-04-26 17:37:22 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

My family is now on Newgrounds and Geometry Dash!

You can follow us!

Iori Licea (me) | Male | 16 years old

Geometry Dash: iorilicea

Vanessa Licea | Female | 15 years old

Geometry Dash: vanelicea

Marco Licea | Male | 10 years old

Geometry Dash: marcolicea7

Thanks for reading!


- Iori Licea

Pending Geometry Dash Levels...

2017-04-23 21:59:24 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

Well, I trying to finish my coming levels...

But not worry, may I will upload something soon...


Ballon Dance

Colorblind 2

Fallen Angel [Collab]

Dark World [Not worked yet]

Insanity Meow [Working for 4 months]

Kitty Dream [Collab]

Electronic World [Collab]

If you want a collab with me, please contact me only on Geometry Dash.

My username: iorilicea

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the long delay... :(


- Iori Licea

My Best Songs of 2016

2017-04-19 22:13:38 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

Well, I decide make a list of my Featured tracks from 2016.

This is...

1 - (Pop) Our First Answer

2 - (Trance) End Of The Line

3 - (Piano) Crying In Your Side

4 - (Dubstep) Dark Universe

5 - (Classical) Black & White

I hope you like it! :)


- Iori Licea

Hi, guys!

I sharing with you a compilation of MIDI's of my original tracks if you want made a Cover or Remix!

Check this:

Good luck!


- Iori Licea

Hi, guys!

Ok. The creator request me to upload the Demo Songs from the Official Soundtrack of the coming series...

Series Name: Familia Magus: Buscando Secretos
Created by: LoveCartoons
Release Date: Probally this year

One year on Newgrounds!

2017-04-04 07:08:30 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

On April 6th, 2016, I create a Newgrounds Account...

And, yes, I celebrating 1 year of the Account existence... :P

A new song:

My first song uploaded here:

And I have three years making music for you!


Thanks for all support!

Thanks for my current fans:












@karolfenix [ RIP :( ]





@marcolicea [ My little bother ]

@ML17 [ Injust banned ]















Thanks for the people outside Newgrounds!


Melanie Cuello [ My Favorite Artist ]


Progg [ An awesome musician and my first SoundCloud follower ]


MineGamer 514 [ My Best Friend ]


Gustavo Franco [ A beginner Bass Player ]


Panditta Nyu [ Non-Popular Artist, but amazing ]


Lyra Firell [ Cute Artist ]


David Daniel [ An Awesome Geometry Dash Creator ]

Thanks for my First Year on Newgrounds.

I love you :)


- Iori Licea


2017-04-02 05:37:46 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!


I'm reached 100 subscribers on YouTube!

Thanks, seriously thanks! I'm happy! ^w^



Thanks for reading!

- Iori Licea


April Fools Day!

2017-04-01 14:59:05 by iorilicea

Making fun for everyone! Happy April Fools Day!


Music Use on Newgrounds

2017-03-20 18:50:13 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

So, I need tell you about an important subjet. ._.

About the use of my music in some projects!


In accordance with the Newgrounds Audio Guidelines, you can use my music in your Geometry Dash levels.

My music is not copyrighted, and is allowed for use!

So, come on and make a level. :)


You can use my music in your animation or game project! It's fine!

But, you are sure to give credits to me or the track.

On Newgrounds, you should paste the track link in your credits.


If you want an Original or Official Soundtrack for something, you can contact me with a PM, E-Mail or Skype.

Well, it's done!


Thanks for reading!

- Iori Licea