Projects February (Updated)

2017-02-09 21:07:18 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

Currently I have some pending projects!

Well, I'll let you know.

COLLAB SONG [Confirmed]

I will make a collab song with @BarbozaSounds12

Coming soon... (We have not yet decided on which profile to upload)

GEOMETRY DASH 2.1 COLLAB LEVEL [Work in progress...]

I making a level with MineGamer 514.

Coming soon... (We have not yet decided who will verify)

ANIMATED VIDEO [Not confirmed]

I learning about animation, and I want make a video.

I need learn more... Don't worry!


The creator (Love Cartoons) she asked me to make the Original Soundtrack.

And I finish some tracks for this!

The series is coming on this Summer! I guess!

MY BLOGSPOT RETURN [Work in progress...]

I working for my blog!

Check the progress...

LOVE SONG! [Confirmed]

I making a song and I submit this February 14th!


Ok, it's done!

Thanks for reading!


- Iori Licea


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