Songs allowed for Geometry Dash!

2017-02-02 22:15:51 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!

For the recent "Drama" on Newgrounds, I'm impacted, but is not the problem!

Read more here:

Well, I check my all track submitted here and I create a list of track allowed for use on the game "Geometry Dash"

I will try allow every track for the use!

From February 5th, all song is allowed for Geometry Dash!

More info, send me a PM.


Thanks for reading!


- Iori Licea


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2017-02-02 22:37:53

rip, dash


2017-02-02 23:36:59

Things have changed, only approved artists can submit anything to GD. And it has to be Robtop himself that does it. So unless you've already been approved before the latest update. The chances of your songs getting into GD is slim to none

iorilicea responds:

I'm a approved artist since June 2016, will not I have problems?


2017-02-02 23:50:40

I guess you'll find out once the game comes back online in a few weeks or less. I'm not Robtop so I can't speak for him.