New design, my birthday and more news!

2017-01-12 11:46:21 by iorilicea

Hi, guys!


How you see, I maked a Geometry Dash Icon for my Newgrounds Icon...

I used Photoshop CS6 and Office PowerPoint 2013 to make!

NEW #2


Yeah, and I will make something, you can decide on Twitter:

NEW #3

I redesign my original characters, you can view this here:

NEW #4

The time is short now for the series, but I continue working on the Original Soundtrack.

I maked 15 tracks to now!

NEW #5

I will participate on the Newgrounds Pixel Day with a Pixel Art and a Chiptune Song... Coming soon! ;)

NEW #6

I continue work on my blog! Man, is harder!

I introducing the English Translation...

NEW #7

I back to the school! :(

For this, I don't have much time for the commissions. Sorry!

NEW #8

Coming soon I celebrate 1 year of making fun for everyone! 1 year with me, Iori Licea!

Well, this all!


Thanks for reading!

- Iori Licea



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